Here is how we pivot your business into the digital age.

For society and organizations, the current pandemic will likely become a permanent crisis. Since returning to normal will not happen, we need to change our focus to build and adapt our organizations to the “new normal.”

This unique context also provides an opportunity to accelerate certain trends. This is particularly relevant to those organizations embarking on a digital transformation journey. From communications to marketing to sale strategies, organizations need -- more than ever -- to up their game to embrace the future.

This is how we move the needle.

A 90-day plan to generate tangible results.


Day 1
Day 15


The first step is to take the pulse, assess your needs and understand your objectives. We evaluate how your team will be impacted and what type of training it may need. We also help you choose the right partners, as well as the most suitable tools to help you reach your goals.

Day 40

Coaching & Training

Through the Quebec government-sponsored PACME programs, there has never been a better time to conduct team coaching and training. To obtain a full reimbursement, organizations must act fast. A well-prepared team is always a competitive advantage.

There has never been a better time to conduct team coaching and training. Grow your internal teams digital autonomy and literacy and generate new business outcomes. A well-prepared team is always a competitive advantage.

Day 50

Automated & Transactional

Your digital strategy needs to be at the core of your company. This includes processes and communication automation, business development deployment and online lead generation, online sales acceleration, digital journey optimization and untapped social selling opportunities.

Day 70

Digital Toolbox

We’ll implement a custom-made toolbox to support your sales activities, recruitment, prospecting and communication tactics. These tools are essential to boost your client interactions and strengthen your brand equity.

Day 90

Content & Performance

Content drives performance through your website, newsletter, social media channels and advertising. Leveraging your communication tools and content will ensure you reach and engage with your target audience more effectively.


Ongoing support, measurement & progressive activation.