Ressac embarks on a new, evolutionary journey.

The future is bright

Ressac has proudly become part of Leger,

the largest Canadian-owned market research and analytics company. We’re excited to join an extended family that shares our roots, values, as well as our aspirations.

Since our inception 15 years ago, we’ve focused our efforts on one single goal: provide strategic support to companies and entrepreneurs throughout their digital transformation. During this exceptional journey, we met extraordinary people and teams with whom we embarked on projects and challenges that would end-up defining the spirit of our agency. Take for example our cosmic collaboration with the Cirque du Soleil, the ONE DROP Foundation and Guy Laliberté.

And how can we forget our arrival to Montreal’s Mile-End district, moving into a vast working space in which our company culture -- with its open-mindness, heated but fruitful discussions, laughs, as well as a strong desire to stick together as one -- took shape.

Just as we look back at our accomplishments as a young, dynamic company, we are certain that in the near future we will remember the day we joined the Leger team as a milestone in our evolutionary journey that will take us together -- as some Star Trek fans out there would said -- “where no agency has gone before.”

A win-win for us and
— especially —
for our clients

We believe that joining forces with Leger is a solid recognition for the work we’ve done as a digital agency since 2006. However, this is an even better news development for entrepreneurs, companies, organizations and brands eager to both transition/adapt their business to the digital world we live in and ensure a sustainable ROI in their efforts.

A new era begins

When you bring together the expertise of ressac and Leger, you are witnessing the emergence of an unparalleled organization in Canada. Through our complimentary alliance of know-how, resources and data, our clients will be able to optimize and energize their online marketing strategies and campaigns.

Our alliance goes beyond quantitative and qualitative facts, content and performance, or data and human factors. It’s about offering our clients and partners a springboard not only to realize their vision but, most importantly, increase their impact. Based on our experience and the relationships we develop with our existing and future clients (b2B and beyond), we’re certain that injecting emotional intelligence in interpreting the data we handle is a critical attribute to succeed in the future and ensure sustainable growth.

Custom-made for you

ressac is committed to providing its clients with tangible results, measurable strategies and a dedicated, personal approach. We’ve got the resources and expertise to create a targeted demographic profile in real-time, integrate a solution into your business practices and support your digital transformation journey.

Our offering includes:

our shared values

The alliance with ressac offers Leger a unique opportunity to deep-dive into a number of data/technology-driven sectors in both traditional and digital media which have been our focus, passion and bread over the years.

Moving forward

This new adventure in the evolution of ressac will have no impact on our name, employees or leadership. Beyond our shared values, our combination with Leger will make us stronger and will help us increase our focus on delivering on our promise.

We are grateful to be joining the extended Leger family and we appreciate the trust they’ve deposited on us and on our vision. We’re committed to continue growing and expanding our business together. We are also thankful to all our current and past colleagues for their individual and collective contributions to the evolution of ressac, as well as to our partners for believing in us.

In the digital world we operate as an agency, the spirit of collaboration is the true yardstick to measure success. The journey in which we embark today with Leger will not only boost ressac’s value proposition. Most importantly, it will offer a memorable experience to those we aim to serve: Our clients.

We’re happy to continue minding your business and working together for a brighter future.

- Pablo Stevenson and the ressac team