How do Canadians behave on social platforms? What are their thoughts on influencers? How effective is branded content and digital advertising? Do Quebecers consume media differently?

Digital Canada 2023, a study designed by Leger DGTL and powered by Leger, addresses these questions in a comprehensive review of online behaviour in Canada.

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Use of social

No surprise, social platforms remain the flagship destination for web users. Throughout the study, a series of thought-provoking data sets help identify trends and sub-trends to keep an eye on.

You might not expect to learn that baby boomers are not the sole dominating force on Facebook and that Gen Z ventures beyond TikTok.

The perception of influencers
and content creators.

Influencers and content creators really drive the action online and the numbers prove it. They influence buying decisions as well as opinions and perceptions about a brand or product.

Data analysis reveals the key role of creators and influential marketing in Canada and allows us to make a strong case for including them in both awareness and sales strategies.

The relevance of
brand content on social platforms.

While Canadians are still reluctant to follow brands on social media, many report doing so after being exposed to some sort of trigger.

Which triggers are the most relevant? On which platform should your brand be positioned based on your target? What type of content are most interesting to Internet users? Why do they unsubscribe from a brand? We decipher everything!

Canadians' responsiveness
to online advertising.

We know consumers aren’t huge fans of advertising in general, but how do they feel about online advertising? Where should you put your dollars in 2023? Are Canadians willing to pay to skip the ads?

We give you the keys to best plan your media budget and evolve your digital strategies to keep pace with consumer perceptions of online advertising.

Add some leverage to
your digital strategies.

From the very beginning, Leger DGTL has been proud to be data-driven . Digital has been our truth point and honed our instincts, our ecological footprint, our data and our culture. Now that we’ve joined Leger, the largest Canadian-owned research firm, we can finally let our digital flag fly high.

With greater and deeper data access we’re better equipped to yield tangible results, 100% measurable strategies and infinite amounts of info for personalization. All this plus a thorough analysis and understanding of your market, your customers’ needs and behaviour.

Whatever your concern, we can probe a targeted demographic profile in real time and then match solutions and buy-in factors related to your business practices.