Welcome to our DGTL Study 2024, where we shed light on the trends shaping online behavior in both Canada and the United States.

Designed by Leger DGTL and powered by Leger's data, this study tackles the significant questions that keep you up at night.

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Habits and Digital Behaviours

The online behaviour of Canadians is, unsurprisingly, continually evolving.

It is characterized by gradual shifts, the persistence of certain habits, and the emergence of new trends. In 2023, a higher proportion of Canadians are engaged on TikTok, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp compared to 2022. However, there is a diminishing inclination to favour Facebook as the primary platform. Grasping these trends is crucial for optimizing the impact of your media investments.

Embracing Emerging Platforms

Canadians show a willingness to join new platforms, though not always committing to regular use.

For marketing professionals, the introduction of new platforms can be both an opportunity and a challenge – we recall the frenzy upon the arrival of Threads! In this 2024 edition, you'll find insightful statistics to guide your response to the crucial question from your boss: should we explore Threads/TikTok/Snapchat?

Digital Fatigue and Anxiety

Digital fatigue and anxiety, two very real phenomena.

Canadians master the art of online scrolling, yet this habit brings along boredom, anxiety, and skepticism about content credibility. Can Canadians discern truth from falsehood on social media? What motivates them to join or leave platforms? Do they implement measures to limit their online time?

Online Behaviors of Americans

Americans have a marked trust in social networks compared to Canadians.

The credibility of traditional media is being questioned. Information polarization and concerns about bias are prompting Americans to turn to social networks as more credible sources of information.

Platform Usage Across Industries​

Digital platform preferences vary significantly based on demographics and user interests.​

​For example, despite Canada's C-18 law, Facebook remains the go-to for politics and news enthusiasts, while Instagram dominates in fashion, beauty, and luxury. The DGTL Study helps you precisely locate your audience for more effective engagement!