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Media strategy
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PHI is at the intersection of art, film, music, design and technology. Every year, the PHI Centre welcomes tens of thousands of visitors within its walls and to its many facilities and events.

When 360 media and performance measurement unite

PHI has a powerful but complex digital ecosystem. Additionally, each of PHI’s projects is unique, which makes the audiences all the more diverse and rarely similar from one event or exhibition to another. The media campaign’s agility and ability to reach the right people at the right time with the right message became crucial for PHI if we wanted to achieve the sales goals of several tens of thousands of tickets annually.

A tailor-made media approach

In order to optimize the personalization of advertising messages as well as maximize interactions and customer touchpoints with PHI’s various clienteles, a complex matrix crossing audiences, targeting data and advertising messages was created. This approach allowed us to deploy diversified awareness and conversion media campaigns, while reinforcing their performance through the optimization of various media channels (SEM, Paid Social, programmatic, display, etc.) via automation and real-time interventions.

Technological creativity was brought into play to ensure that we accurately measured sales and financial impact via three distinct transactional platforms, and neatly assigned these results to the media campaigns’ different components.


With attendance rates over 90% and all of PHI’s biggest events sold out (tens of thousands of tickets), sales targets were well exceeded, event after event.

A tourism approach throughout the province of Quebec, as well as in the regions of Ottawa and Toronto, allowed us to tap into unfamiliar audiences and generate thousands of ticket sales outside PHI’s traditional areas of influence.

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