Desjardins Game Center

Convert users through an innovative gamification strategy


Financial Services


Game Center platform
Financial services giant Desjardins approached Leger DGTL to produce three mini-games which were then deployed on touchscreens and iPads located in 360d branches and large regional centers. The gaming platform consisted of one memory game, three quizzes and two association games.



Producing a fun gaming platform aimed at the general public (all ages) while, at the same time, providing relevant financial information.

Animated tutorials

To create a more dynamic platform and user experience, we developed step-by-step animated instructions at the beginning of each game.

Life & evolution

While designed to meet the Desjardins' current needs, this gaming platform is set to evolve over time to accommodate changing tastes. This flexible approach allows the client to easily remove, modify or add games.


Leger DGTL conceived a user-friendly, interactive and engaging platform to mainly entertain customers at different Desjardins 360d branches. The diversity of games helped democratize the field of finance through playful themes that also provided valuable financial information to customers.

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